What We Do

For most clients, the foundation is cash flow planning.  If you are not familiar with this, it creates a draft of your financial future which you will intuitively understand.  The cash flow takes into account your income, assets and expenditure.  Instead of tables and columns of numbers, you get to see a graphic of how all your financial components come together.

You can change assumptions, what you expect to earn or spend, how long you would like to work, how much money you would like to gift to children/grandchildren.  This way, you get a real feel for what is likely to happen and what needs to be done to meet your objectives.  Planning your money stops being a theoretical exercise and becomes real.  You can see the effect a decision is likely to have before you make it and that means you can make more informed decisions.

You will see the decisions and progress noted in your Financial Plan.

The strength of a relationship with Buckle & Partners is reflected in the on-going review of your Plan.  You have seen many major life changes to date.  They will continue and so will your Financial Plan.

You will have a minimum of an Annual Planning Meeting with interim meetings as required by you, to implement planning.  Our hand holding approach means you never feel left to get on with paperwork and can delegate the ‘stuff’ to us.

When we ask new clients to explain what we have done for them and how it has helped, we get replies like:

  • I know where I am and what needs to be done.
  • I have a sense of clarity, organisation, understanding, peace of mind, confidence, a sounding board.
  • For the first time, I know I am controlling my future direction.
  • I understand that the stuff, legislation, policies and legal requirements are being addressed.

Money is merely the means to an end.  What we do is help tie those ends to your objectives in life.