The business now known as Buckle and Partners was set up by Peter Buckle in 1986 but its roots go back to the early 1900’s, when Peter’s grandfather, Maurice Buckle, went to work for Midland Bank in Surrey, eventually becoming a branch manager. In those days, the local bank manager was regarded as a pillar of the community and for good reason. Banking took more time because there were no hole-in-the-wall machines, let alone internet accounts and customers created personal relationships with not only the bank manager but also the tellers where, in many cases long-term, trust-based relationships were formed.

Bank managers were the financial equivalent of the family doctor. Peter’s father, David,  followed his father into banking and joined Midland Bank but eventually became disillusioned when banks became sales stores, focusing more on the sale of products than a source for relationship-based financial planning. He left to set up his own financial planning practice and Peter followed in his footsteps, setting up a practice, first on his own, and then with his wife, Sarah. Today, the core role of Buckle and Partners is to continue the art of relationship-based financial planning for clients and their families in the old-style bank manager spirit.

Whilst the principles of financial planning haven’t changed, technology has added clarity and simplicity to financial planning decisions. Clients’ aspirations and goals differ which is why each Financial Plan is designed specifically around their needs and desires. It provides confidence and an easy to understand lifetime cash flow to help illustrate how long money may last and the effects of recommended planning actions. Regular reviews and a dedicated planning team ensure planning remains on track.