Paul Medlicott

We were introduced to Peter Buckle several years ago. We receive first class financial service from Peter and his team. I always believe he has our best interest at heart. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Peter Everett

Peter has been providing financial planning and advice since we sold our business in 2013. He and his team provide regular and thorough advice on all issues in the financial area.

As many have commented, Peter is unerringly positive and supportive. His focus is to provide a plan that chimes with clients’ short and long term requirements. This comes about from him truly listening and customising every aspect of the plan to our needs.

Added to this, his team are brilliant with the details. We have 100% confidence in every number they generate. In addition, they prepare all the documents that need our signature etc. and are happy contacting, in our case, a wide range of service providers eg. pension companies. In this way they provide a holistic service with minimal effort from us!

More recently Peter has taken over the financial planning for my 94 year old mother. We are looking forward to him working with our children in years to come.

Paul & Louise

Peter and his team have been extremely helpful, giving us expert advice and reassuring us that our future is financially secure and well-planned.

Peter Brown

I have worked with Peter Buckle for a number of years and he has always given me sound and professional advice. His support team are first class and always action any requests very promptly and efficiently. I would not hesitate in recommending Buckle & Partners to friends, family or colleagues.

Edward Clark

Peter gives me excellent advice and I feel confident for the future knowing that his team are helping me keep my finances in order and make sensible decisions. Peter helps me plan, taking into account both my personal and professional objectives. I would happily recommend him to anyone.


Working with Peter has been a revelation, following several years with a previous IFA, with whom I was extremely dissatisfied. I now not only feel in control of my finances but also have other bases covered, such as LPAs*, updated Wills* and Inheritance Tax plans. I have no hesitation in recommending him.


Peter and the team are a compact but highly expert firm and have carved out a commanding niche in the Financial Planning marketplace.

Buckle & Partners have provided us over many years, using a sophisticated software programme, with financial advice, guidance and expertise, enabling us to aspire to a lifestyle we didn’t think would be in our grasp to which we are very grateful.

We would absolutely recommend Buckle & Partners.

Paul Roles

The team at Buckle & Partners have always helped us with finding the best option to resolve issues with either investments or financial situations that seem to crop up when you least expect them. We have total trust in Buckle & Partners who have assisted us for the last 30 years, working with us to resolve problems and investments.

Chris Perkins

It’s difficult and daunting to find someone you can trust to give financial guidance but Peter Buckle and St. James’s Place came highly recommended. With excellent, clear and easy to understand advice in a professional but relaxed atmosphere, important financial decisions were easier to make. Extremely happy with everything and very happy to recommend St. James’s Place to anyone.

Darren Thompson

Peter has been advising me on my personal and business affairs for over a decade. His manner is open and approachable and his ability to communicate with integrity and clarity about such complex matters instills  total confidence. Peter’s knowledge, honesty, expertise and professionalism is unsurpassed and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Steve Bailey

Buckle & Partners have grown with me over the years. They provide a great service to me, my family and my business. Their service and personal attention is outstanding.

John Wringe

For well over a decade now I’ve grown to rely totally on Peter and his team for financial guidance through the trials and tribulations of life including career changes, critical illness and making the most of our cash and pension going forward, all the things he’d warned me about in the early planning stages! His forward thinking and systematic approach has been flawless, inventive and comprehensive. There’s nothing he hasn’t been able to help with. He is always there to advise (and importantly, to act) with patience, humour, integrity and a reassuring calmness. He is more a friend now than just an adviser. With Peter and his team behind you it gives you the confidence to just get on with what you’re good at – and the time to find out what that is.

Judy Pires

Peter Buckle has been a great support to me with his unassuming, clear, unpressured financial advice. I would highly recommend Peter Buckle and his team with confidence for their trustworthiness, integrity and exceptional service.

Ken & Marion Porter

Peter is our trusted adviser in Financial Planning as a result of the exceptional support provided to us over the years. With Peter’s guidance and expertise he has enabled us to have confidence in our long term financial planning. We value the relationship we have with Peter and his team. We have no hesitation in recommending Peter and his team.


Having dealt with Peter Buckle on a 1:1 basis for over 5 years I find him highly professional. Peter is an expert in his field. There is never any pressure and he makes financial planning fun.

Prue Turner

For the past fourteen years Peter Buckle has advised and guided me. Throughout this time he displayed the utmost integrity. Our meetings are endorsed with concise and graphic reports. I feel absolutely reassured by this excellent service. I have no hesitation in giving my highest recommendation to prospective client(s).

Richard Brooke

Peter is always helpful, attentive and responsive. His planning and advice has made a big difference to my financial affairs for the better.

Christopher Berry

Peter and his associates have had a very substantial impact on all aspects of financial management and security for my family. I have had professional and diverse advice from SIPP pensions management to property portfolio and estate planning advice. Peter and his small team are assisted by a sophisticated software programme. I have been able to glance into the future of any specified date and make properly considered and informed decisions now. More recently I have had to call on the critical illness cover put in place by Peter to pay off mortgages and I am now very grateful for this insurance policy. Most importantly Peter Buckle and his team generate confidence and act with total integrity. Without being cynical about life these attributes are simply priceless.

Alan Smith

Peter has been first class with his financial advice and guidance for many years. He started with financing our house and then moved on to getting my wife and I up to speed with planning for our retirement.  We were behind at first, but with his guidance we caught up, the whole process being painless.  We are now retired and are reaping the benefits, we consider him a friend.

Christopher Turner

Peter and his team have always been responsive, helpful, constructive and clear in their advice and produce easy to understand reports and analysis. I always recommend Peter to my colleagues and friends as a trustworthy and conscientious individual who will always give sound advice.

Christopher Horsfield

Without the help of Peter over the past 20 years I am not sure I would be in the same financial position as I am today.

John Leventhall

Peter’s patient, clear, rational service has revolutionised how I am able to run my planning and financial affairs and my life!

Greg & Naomi

Peter and the team have been an invaluable asset to our financial planning and protection. His advice is clear, concise and balanced and we completely value and trust his thoughts. We would absolutely recommend Buckle & Partners!



*Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) and Wills involve the referral to a service which is separate and distinct to those offered by
St. James’s Place and are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.